Study in Austria

Why study in Austria ?

Situated in the heart of Europe, Austria offers great variety concentrated in a small area. Here you can find peace and unique quality of life, big city flair and rich culture.
Austria combines a long tradition of higher education with state-of-the-art research – it’s higher education institutions have accomplished outstanding achievements on an international level and gained a high reputation. Austrian higher education institutions offer an ever-growing number of degree programs or you can choose between first-class research-based courses, a world-famous education at any of the universities of the arts, high-quality practice-oriented degree courses at the universities of applied sciences, and sound, up-to-date teacher education and innovative courses at private universities. All in all, Austria offers you a broad spectrum of educational opportunities – not to mention great social security, economic stability and the great hospitality of the Austrians.The university system in Austria falls under the Bologna Process within the European Higher Education Area. This cooperation represents a movement which fosters ease of mobility and employability within its 47 member countries. With over 39 public, private, and teacher training schools, studying in Austria provides students with a very unique experience in a foreign higher education system. International students in Austria have the opportunity to study within specialized universities. Although classical universities do exist there is also the option to enter into universities such as Universities of College & Teacher Education, Universities of Applied Sciences, or Universities of the Arts. Each school allows for residents and international students in Austria to study under a curriculum that focuses on professional-orientated education by providing the following:

  1. 3-year program to obtain a Bachelor’s degree
  2. 1-2 year programs to obtain a Master’s degree
  3. Mandatory units for career-training
  4. Mandatory work-based internships
  5. A Bachelor degree in conjunction with a teaching qualification